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When you are shopping around for cheap homeowners insurance it is very important that you understand that it “how” not “where” you will get it. Normally, insurance companies provide avenues that can reduce the premium cost considerably. You can save a small fortune only by ensuring that you are eligible to the discounts offered.


Besides comparing the quotes online to ensure that you choose the provider that offers you the most competitive rates, here are top 6 ways to enjoy cheap homeowners insurance:


  1. Choose Wisely – Do not buy from the first provider that comes your way. Besides comparing online, you could also check with the National Association of Insurance Commission (naic.org) where you will get accurate information about rates and complaints lodged against each provider in your state.


  1. Valuate Your Home Correctly – To get a cheap home insurance quote, without compromising on its efficiency, valuate your home correctly. the cost of your home includes the land it is standing upon. However, you need not worry about insuring the land.


  1. Make use of the Multiple Policies, One Provider Discount – when you are using one provider for multiple policies, you are likely to get the maximum discount – which could be up to 15 percent of the premium.


  1. Make Your Home Super Safe – every insurance provider looks at the risk before offering a quote; the lower the risk, the lower the premium. Ensure that your home is disaster and theft safe. Add burglar alarms, modernize the electrical, heating, and plumbing systems, and reinforce your roof and so on.


  1. Maintaining A Good Credit Record – non-payment of premiums is also a risk. A good credit record is an important factor that influences your premium.


  1. Cut Costs At The Time Of Buying Your Home – you need to think about a cheap home insurance policy right at the beginning. Look up the “Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange” (CLUE) report of the home before you decide buying your home. This will inform you about insurance claims history and you can understand the house’s weak points. Location, the year built, and the safety of the area are some of the factors that will influence the cost of the home insurance quote.


A homeowner’s policy will cover up to $2,500 for business equipment in the home, but no coverage for business liability. If you run a home business, this is something you should pay attention to if you want to enjoy total loss coverage.


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