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It is easy to save thousands of dollars with a cheap umbrella policy and at the same time enjoy maximum coverage. The best way is to use one provider for all your policies. This will give you a significant discount and excellent coverage. You can save up to 20-25% with just this one step.


The Do’s


There are a few other measures you could adopt to enjoy discounts while you are shopping for a cheap umbrella policy:


  1. Insure For The Minimum You Need – take the help of government sites such as National Association of Realtors Estimator or any other reliable calculator to calculate how much coverage you need. Anything more, it is waste of money; anything less you will be open to risk.


Switch To Another Provider If Necessary – normally you get a sizable discount when you use one provider for multiple policies. However, if your provider offers less competitive prices, switch to one that offers you the best of terms for your umbrella insurance policy.


  1. Compare And Negotiate – it is not enough to compare. Sometime, you will have to negotiate for best terms. Premiums come down if you can prove that you are a low risk investment. Hence, show your credit record, safety measures, claim history, etc. to stress that you are not a risk. Negotiation is very important.


The Don’ts


  1. Don’t Pay For What You Do Not Need – be careful to calculate what you must cover and nothing more than that. The more risk you cover the higher the premium. If your home is at the least risk choose a cheap umbrella policy that covers just as much as you need.


  1. Don’t Be Penny Wise Pound Foolish – when you pay for an umbrella policy that exceeds $1 million, you have reached the peak. For every extra million the premium will be raise by some $50. It does not make any sense to shy away for proper coverage at this stage – as this would actually mean higher risk and higher out of pocket expenses in case of any mishap.


  1. Don’t Forget That Fun Is Serious Business – if you possess a boat, bike, snow mobile etc and love fun vacations keep in mind that this comes with high risks. Be careful to cover all possible liabilities lest some accidents will result in massive law suits. The umbrella insurance policy will ensure that the insurance can cover almost any type of casualty and potential to avoid lawsuits.


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