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Condo Home Insurance

Your condominium is your dream, the dream we understood, maintained and nourished with love and peace. Choosing the right condo insurance is important for protecting your prized possession. It offers you protection against damage, whether natural or manmade as well as theft.


What is available in the USA?

Under a Condo Insurance Policy, you are covered for:

  • Property for which you are responsible for under the agreement
  • Appliances and fixtures, altercations and any improvements that belong to the building you reside in
  • Other structures belonging to the area such as sheds and garage

By availing to Condominium insurance policy, you make your residential complex protected against fire damage, lightening and other natural or manmade damage, vandalism, theft, as provided under the policy.

Some insurance companies offer a condo Insurance Policy with liability protection which deals with financial protection against liability claims and lawsuits by others for damage or accidental injury.


Case Study

A tall, fifteen unit condominium was not insured at an accurate rate, causing the owners to pay more than what they should have! An insurance agent listed the value if the building at $3.7M; when the owners approached Homeinsurancemedics.com, it valued it at $ 5M. The building hence saved 35% of its premium amount, thus protecting them from being cheated and dodged.



The major differences relate to the covered areas. Some companies cover private properties and interiors in the policy they offer while others do not. They clearly state that private properties and interiors are not inclusive. An insurance seeker has to negotiate a lot under such circumstances.

Some of these personal liability measures differ from insurer to insurer. For instance, certain policies provide protection to accidental injury caused by you, but some clearly state that no coverage will be given for bodily injury that is expected or intended by the insured.


How to save money?

Insurance companies offer several types of discounts in order to ensure maximum savings on your part. A range of such cheap condo insurance discounts are Home & Auto discount, Claims-free discount, Premises alarm or fire protection Sprinkler Discount, Home & Umbrella Discount and Age of Customer Discount.

Installation of home security devices and multiple products from same insurer can get you cheap condo owners insurance.


Be quick. Approach an insurer for an affordable condo insurance quote.



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