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Flood Insurance

What is Flood Insurance?

Imagine sitting at home and witnessing days or weeks of pouring rain. Unfortunately, disasters occur and torrential rains that leave behind high-levels of water that flood into the base of the home and into the walls create floods of water that cannot be drained. Getting protection against Flood insurance ensures your home is covered against potential disasters.


Is Flood Insurance Necessary?

Well, for one it’s essential in places where you now it rains heavily and the water has no place to drain and in places designated as Flood areas by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) it could be mandatory.

There are multiple ways to determine whether or not you Flood Insurance is required, so before you ask for a quote try these methods:

1) Ask the real estate broker or agent if they already know this information;

2) If you have an Elevation Certificate, you could provide a copy to your insurance agent and they could help make that determination;

3) Look up the information on the FEMA website.

The bottom-line is Flood insurance Coverage may or not be mandatory but it is one of those coverages that you may not want to risk not having on your insurance policy.


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