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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

As the name indicates this is an insurance that is designed for home owners. Among the best insurance companies which provide homeowners insurance are Allstate, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and Amica – not necessarily in this order.  The homeowner’s coverage includes:


Personal property – coverage includes items such as furniture, clothes, electronic items, and so on.

Other than home structures – when you get a homeowners insurance quote check whether it covers repairs and rebuilding of structures that are detached from your home, such as garage, barn, shed, etc.

Loss of use of your home – another importance homeowner’s insurance point is the coverage it offers when your home is rendered uninhabitable and you’d have to stay out for a while.

Medical liability – in case you like guests and have many frequenting your home, look for homeowner’s insurance coverage that covers medical costs for injury of any guest in your home. This however, will not cover you or the members of your household.

Personal liability – this covers any liability arising from any accident caused by you or any member in your household to your neighbors or anyone else.

Dwelling repair/ rebuilding – this is the most basic of homeowners insurance coverage and it includes the HVAC system, re-wiring, plumbing, and so on.


Cheap Home Insurance – Get Value for Your Money

To get the best value for your money you will need to negotiate with the insurance providers. The following are eligibility criteria for obtaining discounts when you buy homeowners insurance –


  1. Value Discount – this is when you are insuring your home for 100% coverage.


  1. Early Policy Discount – this is when you look for quotes before your present policy expires, you will attract handsome discounts.


  1. New/ Newly Renovated Home – this is when you have bought a new home and/ or renovated it recently.


  1. Group Discount – you will get cheap homeowners insurance when you get it as a group of people – for example, an organization.


  1. No Claim Discount – if you made no claims over a certain period of time, you would be entitled to discounts.


  1. High Safety Measures – the homeowners’ coverage would cost considerably less when the house seems safe. For example, you have posted burglar alarms, fire/ smoke safety, etc.


  1. Multiple-Policy Discount – if you take out multiple policies with ONE provider, you are entitled to a discount.


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