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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance is insurance that covers mobile homes. According to the latest surveys, the top home insurance providers are State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Amica, Allstate and Farmers Insurance among others.


What Coverage Does This Home Insurance Policy Offer?

Comparable to the regular homeowners insurance policy, the coverage offered can includes the following:

  1. Loss settlement – you will be reimbursed the cost of your mobile home when this is destroyed by any mishap covered by the policy.


  1. Replacement cost – this covers the cost of replacing any damaged items with new ones with any depreciation or deduction. In most cases this would be up to about 20% of the total value of the Mobile home insurance.


  1. Liability costs – this covers any type of liability if you are found legally responsible for any type of injury or property damage caused through an accident by you or any of your household members.


  1. Comprehensive coverage – this is the standard coverage that normally includes accidental loss caused by theft, lightning, fire, landslide, explosion, water, animals, and so on.


  1. Extended coverage – this includes all additional that go with mobile homes such as debris removal, additional living expenses, emergency repairs, and so on.



How to Get Cheap Insurance for a Mobile Home?


To get the best and cheapest Mobile homeowners insurance, you need to use the online comparison tool. Through this you can instantly find out which provider offers the best possible quotes for your particular case.  Discounts are provided normally if you:


  1. Buy Multiple Policies From One Provider – when you buy more than one policy from one provider, you can negotiate for better prices.


  1. Did Not Make Any Claims For A While – people who did not make any claim for a couple of years or so are entitled to better discounts.


  1. Cover Only What You Need – it is important that you buy a policy that provides just the coverage you need. Pay for less coverage and you would not get enough reimbursement; pay for more coverage and you might be dishing out extra money unnecessarily. For example, if you live only seasonally in your mobile home, you can have seasonal Mobile home insurance instead of a regular one.


  1. Have Followed Safety Procedures – insuring your mobile home will cost less when the provider is convinced that your home has all the right entrapments to keep it as safe as it can be.


  1. Group Discount – if there is any group that will take out mobile home insurance policy you can negotiate for a handsome discount as well.


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