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Renters Insurance

Did you know that you could cover property worth $30,000 with renters insurance for about the cost of a large pizza? Should you get such a policy? This insurance is especially important for people who live in houses with multiple units or apartment buildings, because in such cases no matter how careful you are about safety measures in your home, you are as safe as your most irresponsible neighbor. In other words, it takes just a little negligence from any one of your neighbors and your house could go up in smoke.

Renters Insurance Offers 4 Types of Coverage


There are four types renters policy; find out which one suits you best before you sign on the dotted line:


  1. Personal Property Coverage – this is the standard coverage that includes your regular belongings against lightning, smoke, fire, water damage, vandalism and theft.


  1. Liability Coverage – this covers property damage and/ or bodily injury liability resulting from accidents caused by you or any of your household members.


  1. Medical Coverage for Others – this covers payments for medical treatment of any person who gets injured in your home. This coverage does not include you or your family members.


  1. Additional Living Expenses – this covers the cost of displacement if your home is so badly damaged that you cannot live in it temporarily. The limit of expenses/ days will be mentioned in the policy.


Discounts – How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Renters Insurance?


For the best value for your money, always look for ways to get maximum discounts:


  1. Make sure your house is well protected – homes which have adequate safety measures – such as burglar alarm, smoke detectors, etc – cost less to insure.


  1. Claims-Free Discounts – you are entitled to this discount if you have not made any claims over a pre-agreed period of time.


  1. Multiple Policy – you can get handsome discounts if you use the same company for all your other insurance requirements (example – auto insurance).


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